Botanical and Cultural Adventures

Botanical and Cultural Adventures

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Eco-Tourism in Mexico

At first I found it surprising how some very remote areas were being developed and promoted as eco-tourism destinations in Mexico.  As much as I loathe admitting it, as an American tourist I was surprised about the amazing locations and facilities and the fact that I had never heard of them.  But back in reality there are a very large number of domestic tourists who are learning there are many natural wonders hidden throughout their country.  In the hot summers people love two kinds of vacations, down on the beach (while the gringo tourists are home for their own summer) or up in the mountains.

It is fantastic to stumble upon areas like these.  Sometimes there are gates on the road where you need to pay an entrance fee (usually quite cheap), you can see lots of workers maintaining the roads, and/or find some interesting amenities geared purely for the tourist. 

At this cascade I was unfortunately running out of daylight as a hotel still needed to be secured for the night and the bridge wasn't seen until on the way out.  Next time I will make sure I take the time to do my duty as an eco-tourist and enjoy the view of the cascade.

I always enjoy the surprises that Mexico holds!