Botanical and Cultural Adventures

Botanical and Cultural Adventures

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Hechtia podantha in Queretaro, Mexico

Hechtia podantha habitat
Hechtia podantha growing in habitat
Hechtia podantha is a fairly widespread species that is variable both within a given population and between populations.  Here are a few plants that were growing along Hechtia lepidophylla and near Hechtia zamudioi.  Within the genus there are two types of plants, those with the inflorescence emerging laterally from the leaf axils (lateral bloomers) and those from the apical growth point (terminal bloomers).

hechtia podantha clump
Hechtia podantha clump
Hechtia podantha is a terminal bloomer like most species in the genus. Similar to many of the terminal blooming species, Hechtia podantha clumps readily and looks best when in a full, rounded clump.

They are quite variable and each plant can show quite a bit of their own character.  Some are more bluish hued, some more emerald green, some almost white, and the spines can range from pungent to minuscule.  And all of these pictures are from within steps of each other!

Here is a post showing a Hechtia podantha population from not too far away in Cadereyta, Queretaro. Even within a region the plants are quite variable.

Hechtia podantha Queretaro
Hechtia podantha with very small spines

Hechtia podantha habitat
Hechtia podantha with larger spines

Hechtia podantha white
A very white Hechtia podantha

Hechtia podantha habitat
A more blue type of Hechtia podantha

Hechtia podantha habitat
A very green Hechtia podantha growing right next to the blue plant above

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